In 2015 the process of uniting the Emergency Preparedness Regions of 4A and 4B began and was formally settled as a combined Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (HMCC) in 2016 as Metro_Regional Preparedness Coalition (Region 4AB). The Medical Reserve Corps of each region (4A and 4B) have NOT merged. There remains a 4A MRC and a 4B MRC. The merger of the Emergency Preparedness Regions of 4AB reflect joint efforts of 5 CORE DISCIPLINES: Community Health Centers, Public Health, Hospital, EMS and  Nursing Homes. This HMCC discipline unification will provide for timely assignment of care assets during emergencies and are recognized as 6 distinct HMCC's across the Commonwealth.

About Region 4A and The Mission

The Massachusetts Public Health Emergency Preparedness Region 4A is one of 15 regions within Massachusetts and is comprised of 31 cities and towns throughout the metro west area. The Region 4A MRC agrees to work collaboratively to meet the goals associated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness initiatives as well as other regional and local public health efforts.

In April, 2019, Region 4A was restructured. The region that is comprised of 31 communities was divided into a north and a south district. A Volunteer Coordinator is assigned to the North District and to the South District. Along with the two Volunteer

Coordinators, the Coordinating Manager oversees and assists the two District Volunteer Coordinators with MRC recruitment, orientation, trainings, drills and exercises and deployments in Region 4A, as well as providing assistance with updating the regional MRC training calendar. The restructuring of leadership within Region 4A will definitely benefits each of the thirty one communities in Region 4A. Each community is now be able to receive the outreach, training, and training opportunities they all so deserve.

Region 4A and Its Communities

NORTH DISTRICT:  Littleton, Carlisle, Bedford, Woburn, Boxborough, Acton, Concord, Lincoln, Lexington, Winchester, Stow, Maynard, Waltham, Hudson, Wayland, Sudbury, Weston, Marlborough

SOUTH DISTRICT:  Southborough, Framingham, Natick, Ashland, Sherborn, Dover, Hopkinton, Holliston, Medfield, Millis, Norfolk, Sharon, Wrentham

The 31 communities in Region 4A have a local MRC that is overseen by the Health or Emergency Management Department.  It was decided that having a North and a South District Volunteer Coordinator, each community with an MRC would be better served.  The objectives of the Coordinating Manager and the Volunteer Coordinators are:

1.     To build a self-sustaining, trained, credentialed MRC of volunteers and assist the community with integrating the Region 4A into local emergency plans

2.     To promote the local MRC branches and Region 4A MRC unit

3.     To identify and coordinate contract workers needed to support MRC programs

Other Maps

Download Full PDF Version of Map Regions:   EPB - map_bt_regions_by_coalitions.pdf

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